Nielsen, Arya

Gua sha, a Traditional - Technique for Modern Integrative Practice, engl. - 4 CD`s

Transformative results produced immediately within a session that allows a provider to make a more accurate assessment of the depth and direction of a disorder. Gua sha moves blood stasis and thus immediately reduces pain and stiffness, acts as a bronchodilator for asthma and cough, reduces fever and piques an immune response in acute disorders. Gua sha can correct significant features of the Tongue altering the diagnostic field and possible herbal response.
The morning session will teach the foundations of Gua sha and the afternoon session will consider its clinical applications and include a discussion of the research on its physiology as well as evidence and interpretation of Tongue changes as a direct result of Gua sha.
This workshop provides a hands-on experience both learning Gua sha and how to interpret the results with Dr. Arya Nielsen, Master practitioner of over 30 years experience. Participants can use this technique immediately in their practice with excellent results.
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Audio CDAudio-CD 360 min
Jahr: 2009
ISBN: A_TCM09_03
Sprache: Deutsch

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