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Kongress Rothenburg 2008 - The Forgotten Treasure

The Forgotten Treasure: Nourish Fetus during IVF Pregnancy
Sun Si Mao’s monthly nourishing fetus theory and its today’s application
During last decades, IVF (including ICSI) has been getting more and more popular in the west and in
China. Many TCM practitioners have used acupuncture and herbal treatments to enhance the success
of IVF. But, when we turn on the site, a great number of reports such as “IVF children suffer more
overall health problems than naturally conceived children” appear to us. ‘IVF generation’ has some
significant mental or health problems. Why? It is simply that IVF has some ‘side effects’ on the ‘IVFbabies’.
It is must be kept in mind that IVF is just the beginning and to have a healthy child is the
treasure. People have forgotten that we should carefully nourish the fetus during IVF pregnancy. In
this lecture, we will deeply seek the answers from some significant TCM classical works. Particularly,
we will thoroughly study Sun Si Miao’s theory of monthly nourishing the fetus. The following issues will
be discussed:
- The constitutions of IVF couples effect on the fetus development.
- The hormone treatments during IVF effects on the fetus development.
- The mechanic damage during IVF effect on the fetus development.
- The changes of biological environments during IVF effects on the fetus development.
- The implantation timing (artificial) effects on the fetus development.
- Classical TCM theory of nourishing fetus: Chao Yuan Fang (Sui), Sun Si Miao (Tang),
Zhang Jing Yue (Ming), Wu Qian (Qing) and particularly Shen Jin Ao (Qing), in his book,
Jade Rule of Gynecology (Fu Ke Yu Chi), will be introduced.
- The modified classical herbal formulas for today’s application will be discussed.
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