Tiberi, Alex A.

Kongress Rothenburg 2008 - Youth, sexuality and heath: the techniques of Sun Simiao

“Yang Sheng” -
The Nourishing of Life and Prevention of Disease through Chinese Medicine

My presentation will focus on techniques of health cultivation in Chinese Medicine drawn from the
teachings of the great practitioner often called “Yao Wang, The King of Remedies”, Sun Si-Miao. The
techniques suggested will encompass diet and herbs for longevity, longevity “elixirs”, dao yin and qi
gung, acupuncture, and “techniques of the bedroom”:
- Diet includes well regulated eating as well as the special health invigorating foods (e.g. pine
nuts, honey, mushrooms, and sesame seeds.
- Herbs are those nontoxic (“heavenly”) herbs that can be used either routinely such as Tian
Men Dong and those that are taken seasonally such as Xia Ku Cao for cleansing in the spring.
- Elixers are the alchemical use of more toxic substances such as heavy metals for developing
the enlightened state of an immortal.
- Dao Yin and Qi Gung are the use of breath and qi in techniques of inner alchemy to refine the
essence (jing).
- Techniques of the bedroom are the use of sex for health, and will include discussion of
specific postures for treating disease, correct foreplay for cultivating the jing, herbs for
enhancing performance and pleasure, treatment of sexual dysfunction, etc.Diese Aufnahme besteht aus 1 DVD.
DVDDVD 180 min
Jahr: 2008
Sprache: Englisch

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