Shinoda, Yutaka und Tokunaga, Michitaki

Toyohari Introductory Workshop - Core Introduction

This is a unique opportunity to meet Japanese experts of Japanese traditional acupuncture, Meridian Therapy. Toyohari is a form of Japanese Meridian Therapy, it was first developed by very sensitive blind practitioners over forty years ago, and then refined through extensive practice and study. Extremely fine needling techniques, touch and pulse diagnosis techniques are used in this system of practice, with a heavy emphasis on training to feel and discriminate qi directly. Pulse diagnosis is made very practical in this system and is strongly emphasized. The workshop will focus on hands-on teaching methods and will be very practical. Participants will be given an overview of the whole system, and can expect to learn hands-on about the use of the pulse as a diagnostic and feedback tool, refined touch diagnosis and assessment, assessing qi directly through touch, acupuncture points as living things and the power of delicate needling methods. In this practical workshop, participants will probably feel that they have found a form of acupuncture closer to what they thought they were going to study before going to acupuncture school.

The Thursday workshop will introduce the whole system of the Toyohari acupuncture system with short lectures and then demonstrations. The Friday workshop will take the materials deeper and present the materials with short lectures, demonstrations and practice, focusing on a few key topics. The Saturday workshop will show how the system works using a highly specialized feedback method the ‘Kozato hoshiki’, Kozato study method and will be very practical.

Mr Shinoda is a board member and one of the senior teachers in the Toyohari Association. He has been practicing acupuncture for 40 years and Toyohari for 37 years. He has been teaching Toyohari in the basic program in Tokyo for the past 20 years. He is thus an experienced acupuncturist and teacher. He has exceptionally good understanding and clear explanations of the methods of Meridian Therapy.
Mr Tokunaga is a student of Mr Yanagishita and a skilled instructor of Toyohari.

In order to enhance the experience of these workshops, Stephen Birch will assist Messrs Shinoda and Tokunaga. He is one of the European instructors of Toyohari.
Junko Ida and Setsuko Pitschmann will translate for the Japanese instructors. They are both practitioners of Toyohari, Junko Ida is also a European instructor. Junko will translate to English, Setsuko to German.

Mr Shinoda will also give a short presentation at the plenum on the Thursday morning and an additional short presentation at the plenum on the Saturday morning. The titles are:

Thursday: 'Introduction to Japanese Meridian Therapy - The Toyohari system'

Saturday: ‘The goals of root treatment'Anzahl: 1 DVD
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