Lee-Wolfe, Honora

A Review of Classic Protocols for Difficult Conditions

Acupuncture’s Greatest Hits: A Review
with Honora Lee Wolfe (beginning/intermediate)

There are some acupoints that we use every day, on the majority of our patients, in a wide variety of situations. What are these points, why are they so important, and how have the greatest acupuncture masters used them down through the centuries?

In this class, I will present what the greatest acupuncturists thought were the most important points and the special ways they used them. While all of us want to know special, “secret” or “magic” points, it is the skillful use of these tried and true, reliable points that are the mainstay of any successful practitioner.

We will look at point systems from:
• Du Han-jing
• Ma Dan-yang
• Wang Le-ting
• Miriam Lee
• So Tin-yau
• Special groups of points from the Nei Jing
• Special points from the Great Compendium of Acupuncture
• Points special to the practice of moxibustion
• Using these powerful points in combinations based on symptoms

Finally, I will present my personal favorite points and how I use them, along with a few special treatment ideas.

My most important message is, using points you can rely on is good for your patients, good for your faith in the power of acupuncture, and good for your business.
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