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Soothing th Troubled Spirit with AcuMoxa Therapy

In this lecture/demonstration class, we will start with the main causes of Essence-Spirit Disorders according to Chinese medical theory. While our theories simplify Essence-Spirit or Mental/Emotional disorders into three main disease mechanisms, these can be subdivided into at least eight patterns.
1. Liver depression gi stagnation
2. Depressive heat transformed by the liver
3. Liver blood stasis plus qi stagnation
4. Phlegm dampness and obstruction
5. Phlegm fire harassing the spirit
6. Heart spleen dual vacuity
7. Spleen-kidney yang vacuity
8. Yin vacuity with fire effulgence
Of course, in most of our patients, these patterns will combine into complex combinations.

After a short introduction to the mental-emotional signs and symptoms of each of these patterns we will discuss the diseases that these patterns tend to manifest as well as the most likely pattern combinations that we actually see in clinical practice.

After a short break, I will present and discuss both acupuncture points and formulas for specific patterns and symptoms as well as demonstrate three treatment protocols that I have found to be useful for my own patients with mental-emotional symptoms.

While most practitioners may believe that, in mental-emotional disorders, moxibustion is contra-indicated, this is not true depending upon the patterns involved. Moxibustion may be extremely helpful in many cases. We will discuss which patients may benefit from moxa, how often to use it, and how to integrate it within an overall treatment plan.

Finally, I will present a three-part protocol using a combination of some of the Thirteen Ghost Points, Master Tong’s Magic Points, and Ma Dan-yang’s Twelve Start Points. This series of rotating treatments is based on Wang Le-ting’s dictum that you get a better result when you don’t use the same treatment time after time and on the requirement that people with mental-emotional difficulties need frequent therapy for any good result. I hope you’ll join me!Anzahl: 3 Audio-CD's
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