Scott, Julian

The Gentle Needle - How to Treat Children

This talk covers child-friendly needle technique in detail, including- tonifying and dispersing- directing Qi- description of Xu and Shi children- practical advice on how to cope with children cryingIt - finishes with video clips of actual treatments.
Content (2 DVDs):- Introduction- Needle Technique- Locating the Point- Inserting the Needle- Arrival of Chi- Tonifi cation, Dispertion, Moving the Chi-
Retaining the Needle, Closing the Hole- Using Moxa on Children- Other Techniques- Hyperactive, Nervous and Frightened Children- Strong and Weak Conditions- Some Pictures- Hyperactive Spleen Qi Xu- Clips of Treatments
DVDDVD 140 min
Jahr: 2006
Sprache: Englisch

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