Bridges, Lillian und Maimon, Yair

Face, Shen Diagnosis and Treatments

The ability to recognize and evaluate Shen is one of the most useful diagnostic tools in Chinese Medicine. Shen can be seen as changes in the quality of light in the eyes, the coloration of the skin and can also be felt by the practitioner. This course will teach techniques for reading Shen from Facial Diagnosis and will give practitioners specific treatments for dealing with Shen disturbances caused by trauma, past or present.
Shen will be evaluated according to the five element emotions. Treatments for heart disease and mental illness will be highlighted and lifestyle guidelines will be given with suggestions about managing the emotions and thoughts.Lieferung besteht aus 2 DVD's.
DVDDVD 390 min
Jahr: 2006
ISBN: D_TCM06_20
Sprache: Englisch

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