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Weiji Yufang Gong - Stress Prevention Exercise

Course Summary - Daoyin Weiji
It is widely recognised that qigong is effective in combatting the effects of stress (weiji). But until now there has not been any qigong routines designed to deal with present day stress disorders.
Now, however, we have two new routines, Weiji Yufang Gong – Stress Prevention Exercise, and Weiji Xiaochu Gong – Stress Relief Exercise. Each of the two routines contains eight individual repetative exercises that flow seamlessly together to create a pleasant therapeutic experience.
As their names imply the first exercise is designed as a preventative exercise to stop the build up of stress. While the second exercise was compiled with the aim of relieving the effects for people already suffering from stress.
Together they provide a paired (yin-yang), balanced approach to dealing with stress.Lieferung besteht aus 2 DVD's.
DVDDVD 420 min
Jahr: 2006
ISBN: D_TCM06_04
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