Versluys, Arnaud

Deep Insight and Clinical Application of the Shanghan Lun

The Treatise on Cold Damage or Shanghan Lun is one of the most prominent classics in Chinese medicine and the first clinical handbook in China's medical history. The text is outlined along a grid of six channels or confirmations. This system of differentiation is the foremost tool for the identification of outer influences on the body and their pathological progression through the system layers. The course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the sequential nature of six confirmation pathologies. It will first provide the participant with a clear insight in the core qualities of the confirmations as rooted in the six qi and five movements in nature. A knowledge which then functions as the basis for thorough understanding of the confirmation pathologies with the peripheral channel patterns [jingzheng] and internal hollow organ pathologies [fuzheng] as the standard scenarios, presented with their basic pulses and core symptoms as outlined in the classical texts. Treatment will be taught from the standpoint of the confirmation patterns' governing herbal formulas along the system of formula differentiation first introduced by this classic. Upon completion, the participant will have a clear view on the structure of the Shanghan Lun, and will have mastered a methodology to work clinically from a six confirmation perspective.Anzahl: 4 CDs
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Jahr: 2005
ISBN: C_TCM05_03
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