Hougham, Paul

Rhythms of Qi, The Textures and Transformations of Five Element Acupuncture

Amidst the vast diversity and rich history of acupuncture styles and lineages, schools of practice have evolved and changed, adapted to times and places, blended with other medical traditions and philosophical insights. In this, development of tradition, debates about clinical protocols and practice can sometimes detract from the originating motivation of their wisdom and insights.
For acupuncture styles which claim traditional lineages, the Chinese medical classics are a cornerstone of both theory and practice, constantly finding context in new times and places. But it is the wisdom of universal transformations contained in such classics that is the lifeblood of acupuncture practice, the warp and weft of the meridians and how a simple needle can intervene in the complexity of human life.
In this presentation, Paul Hougham will profile an approach to acupuncture practice that finds the pluralism and complexity of its history not only non-problematic, but the lifeblood of its clinical relevance. Through an exploration of the five elements as rhythm, texture and transformation, Paul will explore clinical practice as the finding of such rhythm for our patients, a restoration of their movement towards health, however that may manifest. This will track how the five elements are our interface with the natural world, how effective treatment can become a landscaping of the qi, where point combinations, using the spirits of the points, can bring the elements of the patient into a greater balance and relationship, always unique to the patient, to the time and the place of the treatment. Sculpting the elements in this way is the basis of alleviating pain and treating the symptoms of ill-health as much as it is supporting the patient’s dialogue with their destiny.
DVDDVD 180 min
Jahr: 2009
ISBN: V_TCM09_33
Sprache: Deutsch

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