Faulkner, Gordon

The Abdominal Web, Physical and energetic diagnosis of the navel and the abdome

Masseurs, while needing to be aware of the energetics in the abdomen, require knowledge of the physical structures of the abdomen and the implications, if any, of blockages, knots and tangles, adhesions, and distortions.
The abdominal information is first offered to the therapist visually by the placement of the navel, its shape, size, twists and turns. This navel information is then put into context by reading the abdomen as a whole – its, shape, size, twists and turns as well.
The second level of information comes from feeling the qi flows throughout the abdomen. Are the individual organs’ energies good, stagnant, blocked or sick?
The third level of information comes from the actual palpation of the abdomen starting with assessing the skin and then gradually working to deeper and deeper structures.
Quantum physics tells us that the act of observing an object changes the state of that object, so too with assessing a person’s abdomen the therapist causes a change of state within that abdomen. This means that the assessment is, quite literally, the first stage of the actual treatment
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Jahr: 2009
ISBN: V_TCM09_36
Sprache: Deutsch

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