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Clin. use of Extra Meridians in the treatment of autoimmune, englisch

"There are 360 points of Acupuncture in the body. 66 points on the limbs are most important. Of these – 8 points are supreme above all"
Nei Jing, Ling Shu ch. 1
The Human body consists of 12 main meridians and 15 connecting meridians through which the Qi and Blood flow throughout life.
But, beneath the surface, in all of us, flow the Qi Jing Ba Mai, The Eight "Extraordinary" Meridians, which constitute that most elusive source of life itself: the constant interaction of Shen and Jing - from the moment of conception until the last breath of life.
The Extraordinary Meridians control the creation of life from the meeting of sperm and egg, throughout the 9 months of pregnancy until birth;
They regulate physical, mental and spiritual growth, known as the 7/8 year phases of Women and Men, during life;
But, most important in the realm of disease, the Extraordinary Meridians protect the body during times of abrupt and unforeseen changes, or illnesses, that cannot be dealt with through the main Meridian network, as is written in the Nan Jing ch. 27:
"The sages of antiquity constructed ditches and reservoirs and they kept the waterways open in order to be prepared for any extraordinary situation. When rains poured down from heaven, the ditches and the reservoirs became filled. In times like that, when the rain floods rushed wildly, even the sages could not make plans again. Hence, they had to be prepared in advance…
Here (in the Human body), when the network vessels (the Main and Connecting Meridians) are filled to overflowing, the surplus Qi is diverted to the Extraordinary Meridians… Thus the person is saved from certain death."
The person can, indeed, be saved from "certain death", but at the cost of creating deep and chronic imbalance in his or her basic energetic structure. In this paragraph the Nan Jing is actually describing the pathogenesis that creates auto-immune diseases and chronic hormonal imbalances- diseases that occur when the body cannot deal with unforeseen conditions and the only way to survive is to divert the disease to this deep/ inner level which is the level of the extraordinary meridians.
In this upcoming seminar we will be exploring the Qi Jing Ba Mai and the treatment of "difficult" diseases- known as auto-immune syndromes.
The seminar will include specific body and pulse diagnosis techniques which are unique to the Eight Extraordinary Meridians and clinical examples for the use of specific treatment protocols.
This seminar is intended for experienced practitioners of Chinese Medicine with a basic, working knowledge, of the Extra Meridians and is not recommended for students.
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