Birch, Dr. Stephen

A Hands-On Introductory Workshop on Japanese Meridian Therapy - Gentle Treatment to Regulate the Patient’s Qi, englisch-2DVD`s

The lecturer has been practicing Keiraku Chiryo or Japanese Meridian Therapy for over 20 years and is one Europe’s leading instructors in Meridian Therapy. Japanese Meridian Therapy is a very simple yet sophisticated and gentle method for regulating the qi of the patient. This is achieved by targeting correction of qi flow in the twelve channels thus triggering regulatory influences on the internal physiological functional systems. Very delicate and gentle needling methods are used to accomplish this.
The workshop will briefly review the origins, theories and nature of Japanese Meridian Therapy and teach the core aspects of diagnosis and treatment: diagnosis of the radial arteries (pulses) and the abdominal region, identifying the main treatment targets - the primary patterns (or sho), application of tonification/supplementation technique (hoho) and draining technique (shaho). After each short lecture there will be demonstrations and practice. The lecturer will circulate among participants to assist in the application and learning of the techniques so that techniques can be learned practically.
The workshop will introduce participants to this increasingly popular acupuncture treatment approach, which is currently taught in workshops and programs in three of the AGTCM schools in Germany and in various locations in Switzerland, Holland, Spain and the UK.
The lecture will be in English-
DVDDVD 360 min
Jahr: 2009
ISBN: V_TCM09_06
Sprache: Deutsch

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