Ayal, Rani

Kongress Rothenburg -2008 - 5 Element pulse and facial diagnosis

5 Element pulse and facial diagnosis
"The key to accurate diagnosis of conditions lies in observation of the patient's color and - 5 Element pulse and facial diagnosis
complexion, and in palpation of the pulses.
These two techniques are the essential tools of diagnosis.
If one does not understand and cannot utilize them when one attempts to treat a condition,
malpractice and further injury to the patient will occur."
Nei Jing, Su Wen ch.13
Classical Chinese Medicine stresses the importance of correctly diagnosing and treating the patients'
basic constitutional imbalance, the root.
Correct treatment of this root will, invariably, bring the patient back to a state of health and all signs
and symptoms of disease will then disappear.
In order to do this one must diagnose the pulses and the facial colors according to the Five Elements.
In this full day "hands-on" workshop participants will learn to identify the basic facial complexions and
pulse qualities of the Five Element system.
Using this diagnosis we will then learn to choose correct points for treatment and experience how a
"root focused" treatment, using a minimal amount of needles, brings about a dramatic change in the
balance of the pulse and the facial coloring.
The goal of the workshop is to give participants a practical and highly effective method of diagnosis
and treatment that they will be able to incorporate into their practice.
Diese Aufnahme besteht aus 2 DVD's.
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Jahr: 2008
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