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Kongress Rothenburg 2008 - Clinical use of Sun Simiao's Ghost Points

Of ghosts and demons:
Sun Si Miao's 13 ghost points and the treatment of neurological and mental
Man is conceived through the joining together of the energies of Heaven (Shen) and the energies of
Earth (Jing). This conception creates the human soul which consists of ten parts: three parts Hun
(ethereal soul) and seven partsPo (corporeal soul).
The Hun follow Shen. They come and go, connecting Man to Heaven.
The Po reside with Jing. They enter the body at conception and are with us till death. The Po connect
Man to Earth.
When a person dies, the Hun and the Po leave the body. This process takes seven days.
Ghosts and Demons are, in actuality, "damaged" souls that are created when, for different reasons,
the process of death is disturbed. These souls require energy in order to heal and continue their
journey onwards.
For this reason ghosts may come to reside in living beings, causing a chronic disturbance in the Shen.
In our modern world we call these disturbances neurological and mental diseases.
In the year 500 B.C. the famous doctor Bian Que revived a patient from a state of coma and
convulsions by treating the point Gui Gong (Ghost Palace): Gv 26. This is the first documented
treatment of "Ghost possession" in history.
A thousand years later Sun Si Miao wrote the book "Prescriptions worth a Hundred Gold Coins" in
which he summarized the clinical protocols for the use of 13 "Ghost Points".
In this seminar we will discuss the concept of "Ghost possession", the 13 Ghost Points and their
clinical indications and specific methods of diagnosis and treatment for a variety of different disorders.
The seminar is intended for experienced practitioners of Chinese Medicine and is not recommended
for students.Diese Aufnahme besteht aus 2 DVD's.
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Jahr: 2008
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