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Kongress Rothenburg 2008 - Inner development of the practitioner

Inner development of the practitioner
Medicine is intention (yi). Those who are proficient at using intention are good doctors.
(Sun Simiao)
As practitioners of Chinese Medicine we are part of lineage that stretches back thousands of years.
We are also part of a larger body of physicians who have endeavoured to heal the sick since time
All students that graduate from colleges of Chinese medicine nowadays have good theoretical
understanding and competent technique. But is that enough to become what the Nei Jing regards as
an outstanding practitioner, a sheng ren, “One who through his power awakens and develops people’s
higher nature”? Do our colleges place as much emphasis on teaching their students how to excel in
the art of medicine as they do in the science of medicine?
It has not been fashionable in our culture for at least fifty years to think in terms of developing virtues
in one self. And yet Chinese, and especially Confucian, culture places a high priority on a person
developing certain virtues. What are the virtues that a physician needs to develop in order to acquire
some of the attributes of a sheng ren? Practitioners of Chinese medicine have written their thoughts
on these issues, as have other physicians and thinkers from other cultures and traditions.
This talk draws out the themes that Chinese and other practitioners of medicine have regarded as the
most important in the practice, not so much of the science of medicine, as of its art.Diese Aufnahme besteht aus 1 CD.
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Jahr: 2008
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