Thambirajah, Radha

Fibromyalgie: Behandlung der Schmerzen und Beh. der Person

Fibromyalgia, Hypertension, Stress and Tension and Obesity

Fibromyalgia is a common problem among female patients in their middle age. It is not an easy problem to treat successfully. This lecture is about differentiating the pain symptoms and treating them accordingly; and also, to treat the patient for their general energetic and emotional state. A combination of the two – to treat the pain and to treat the person – works much better for the all round improvement of the patients. Clear and concise and a short presentation, with points and therapies to be used in each case.

The full-day programme on Liver/Gall Bladder and associated diseases:

Hypertension – Discussing 3 common types of hypertension – with the blood, yin, yang and Qi situation that causes them and the treatment for each. Tried and tested point prescriptions which have been used with success in many patients. Dietary and life style advice that is suggested to the patients in order to assist the treatment and prolong its effect. Also discussing hypertension in pregnancy.

Stress and Tension – Stress manifests in many different ways – sometimes it can be identified as tension, and other times it can take the form of headache, digestive problems, hypertension, or even respiratory or skin problems. This lecture is about identifying the imbalance in the Liver which is causing the stress/tension and returning to balance, and treating the other organs or symptoms that are created by the stress and tension.

Over-eating and Obesity – Mainly a problem of Spleen and Stomach, the over-eating could also be due to stress or exhaustion. Dealing with different causes for over-eating, food and flavour cravings and which energetic deficiencies cause them, how they can be treated. Treatment of obesity.Anzahl: 3 Audio-CD's
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