Versluys, Arnaud

Classical Pathology: The Neijing Nineteen Lines on Pathology

Chapter seventy-four of the Great Treatise on the Essence of the Utmost Truth [zhizhen yao dalun] of the Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor [huangdi neijing] records the most encompassing and original rules in Chinese medicine pathology. The nineteen patterns are considered to be the most authoritative instructions on classical etiopathology.

But there is great difficulty in understanding these instructions, since they cannot be researched from merely a more modern Qing dynasty zangfu differentiation standpoint. As such, the only path to full understanding of the lines is an evaluation from all possible angles in classical Chinese medicine. This evaluation will be engaged in by cross-referencing other classics like the Classic of Difficulties [nan jing], as well as later commentaries by masters like Zhang Jingyue, etc.

During the course, all nineteen patterns will be studied and explained, providing the participant with a definitive understanding on classical Chinese medicine pathology.Lieferung besteht aus 6 CD's.
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Jahr: 2006
ISBN: C_TCM06_18
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