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"Stressed Out Children" - Headaches, Sleep Problems...

I used to say that children do not get headaches or backaches, but now I know that they do. An astonishing number now get both these complaints – just like adults. This day-long course will discuss the reasons and the treatments.

The course will concentrate on three areas, which overlap – diet, exercise and sleep. The availability of enough food, and good quality food is no longer a problem. And yet there are many children who are undernourished. They are undernourished because they do not eat enough, usually because their Spleen Qi is weak. Their Spleen Qi is weak because they do not sleep enough, and their sleep is poor because they do not eat enough. Likewise, if they do not have enough Qi, they cannot take much exercise, and so they do not develop a good appetite, and they do not sleep well.

In this talk we will concentrate on what we, as acupuncturists can do to break this vicious circle. We will concentrate on
1 developing a good appetite
2. sleep problems.
In this we will discuss several patterns such as cranial compression, which do not appear in the Chinese texts.

Building for the future
There are so many theories about education and upbrininging, and yet there are few with any basis in observation, or any thought to the long term. The great strength of Chinese medicine is that we can say which of the our grandparents rules are still important. Does it really matter if our children don’t finish up the food ont their plate? Does it really matter if they go to sleep with their hair wet? With the perspective of Chinese medicine we can give specific advice for each individual.

Needle (an other) techniques.
The final part of the talk will be devoted to needle techniques, and what you can do if the child flatly refuses to be needled. We will discuss moxa, laser, infrared, and microcurrent stimulation. Each of these has something to offer, but the basis for understanding all of these is directing Qi.Lieferung besteht aus 6 CD's.
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