Ross, Jeremy

Herb Combinations for the Treatment of Stress

Combining Western Herbs
and Chinese Medicine
TREATMENT OF COMMON TYPES OF STRESS:Jeremy shows how to treat different types of stress that are commonly seen in the clinic, for example, fears, fearful dreams, anxiety, and bipolar syndromes.
These stress disorders are classified according to the syndromes of Chinese medicine, and include:

- hypertension + headache Liver Hyperactive Yang + Liver Heat

- menopausal flushes + anxiety Heart Heat + Heart Deficient Yin

- bipolar disorders Heart Spirit Disturbance +
Heart Deficient Yin and Yang

- anxiety + depression Heart Spirit Disturbance +
Liver Stagnant Qi

- nightmares + exhaustion Heart Spirit Disturbance +
Kidney Deficient Qi

- cardiac weakness + depression Heart Deficient Yang +
Kidney Deficient YangNEW INTEGRATED SYSTEM:Jeremy presents a new integrated system for the principles of herb combination from his revolutionary new book Westliche Heilpflanzen und Chinesische Medizin. This new system integrates three different medical paradigms:

- Western herbal tradition
- traditional Chinese medicine
- modern pharmacological and clinical research

This Integrated System results in both increased clinical success and maximization of safety.USING THE 4 QI IMBALANCES:How to make complicated cases simple. Many patients have complicated case histories with many different Western disorders and many different Chinese syndromes. This can be very confusing for the practitioner. Jeremy shows how to use the system of 4 Qi Imbalances to cut through the mass of diagnostic detail to find primary syndromes, and the essential needs of the patient. Each Imbalance has a different principle of treatment:






SINGLE HERBS, HERB PAIRS, HERB COMBINATIONS:Stress disorders can be treated with single herbs, herb pairs, or herb combinations.
Jeremy gives examples for each of these.

- Single herbs for stress are classified according to the 4 Imbalances. Panax ginseng can be used to treat Deficiency patterns, such as depression due to Deficient Kidney and Heart Qi. But it would not be used to treat Stagnation patterns, such as depression due to Heat Stagnant Qi, or it could cause unpleasant side effects.

- Herb pairs for stress are compared and contrasted. For example, Lavandula + Rosmarinus is used for headaches + depression, but Lavandula + Salvia is used for headaches + irritability.

- Herb combinations 6 herb combinations for stress are discussed, with details of practical use and safety precautions, temperature balance, and the role of each herb in the combination.


Jeremy demonstrates a unique new system for creating well-balanced herb combinations that are both effective and safe.

He shows how herb combinations for Stress are made up of Working Units of single herbs, herb pairs, and herb trios. He explains how practioners can make their own new combinations from these Working Units.Lieferung besteht aus 3 CD's.
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Jahr: 2006
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