Schröen, Dr. Jan

Roaming Emperors and Wandering Spirits - Clinical Application of single herbs, formulas and strategies from the "An Shen School"

The "An Shen School" combines philosophical and medical ideas from Tibetan Buddhist and Taoist traditions. In their effort to “An Shen” (= Calm the Spirit), followers of this school developed a very specific strategy to calm and anchor the Spirit and to open the Orifices of the Heart.
The choices of their single herbs, the composition of their herbal formulas re still applicable and highly efficient in our times in treating problems of the mind.
Depression, Bi-polar syndrome, stress are some of the examples of modern pathology that can be approached by An Shen School strategies.Lieferung besteht aus 5 CD's.
Audio CDAudio-CD 420 min
Jahr: 2006
ISBN: C_TCM06_03
Sprache: Englisch

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