Wu, Prof. Dr. Boping

Behandlung von altersbed. Herzerkrankungen mit Kräutern

Diagnosis/Treatment of heart diseases for aged

Some heart / blood vessel diseases ,like HYPERTENSION, CHD (Coronary Heart disease) with high cholesterol / triglyceride, ARRYTHMIA ( Irregular heart rate ) etc, all of these are very common in aged group. 1) Hypertension. Mainly is caused by liver yin/kidney essence deficiency > liver yang/wind raising, treating principle in TCM : nourishing liver yin & kidney essence, calming liver yang / wind . 2) CHD: caused by atheromatosis ( cholesterol & triglyceride ), in TCM : Heart yang/QI deficiency > poor blood circulation > phlegm/ blood stasis in the vessels , treating principle : strengthen heart yang/QI , remove phlegm/blood stasis. For reduce cholesterol/ triglyride, food therapy is good . Like SHAN ZHA, YU ZHU, green tea,KU DING CHA etc. 3) Arrythmia : Heart QI/blood weakness, basic formula is (from SHANG HAN LUN) : ZHI GAN CAO TANG ( FU MAI TANG) modified.Anzahl: 2 CDs
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Jahr: 2005
ISBN: C_TCM05_23
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