Duveen, Joan

About death and bereavement

There are two things in our life we are completely sure about. We are born and once we are going to die.
It is very possible that we, practitioners in Chinese Medicine, will sometimes have patients who are going to die soon. The aim of this Congress seminar is to give insight in the art of dying and in the processes of bereavement so that we can help those affected by death to cope and deal with the situation. It is the plan to study together the processes of dying, the - so called - death cycle (a pattern in 5 elements we follow before we die), death pulses, fear of death, pain management and death and gui (ghosts).
We will also cover the qualities needed for using acupuncture to guide patients and enable them to pass away in peace. Hopefully there will be also time to do meditation, beneficial for as well the practitioner as for the patients.

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